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Clients experiences

Providing a light when everything felt like darkness! reveal coaching gave me the strength and encouragement needed to address parts of my self and my life I needed to change in order to regain my confidence, Julia's approach was personal and archivable with the upmost professionalism and is constantly providing support and inspiration. Best step forward I have ever taken for myself was engaging with Reveal coaching

-Em (Mindset Coaching)

I've been doing mindset coaching with Julia for some time now and I have to say it's amazing. The coaching with Julia has helped me so much with working through a lot of emotional issues that I did not deal with over tje past number of years. It has also helped me to see past events in my life in a different way which has helped me to shed and let go of a lot of bad energy and given me a greater understanding of why I do the things I do. 
So I highly recommend talking to Julia Grintsina. 
Also the sessions are totally judgement free. Julia is here to help only.
Once again thank you so much Jules.

- Brian (Mindset Coaching)

Jules helped me with a lot of issues I was having in different areas of my life...
Even things that were affecting me negatively without even realising it. With Jules’ insight and coaching I have now made positive changes and feel really good about it. 
I really appreciate everything you’ve helped me with Jules... thank you

-Rae (Mindset Coaching)

Jules is an amazing coach and inspirational person to be around. She’s so knowledgeable and passionate about her work and her clients. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

- Megan (Mindset Coaching)

Julia helped me attack the root of my aniexty in a very safe and welcoming way. There was never any judgement, just the oppotunity to explore whatever I felt was needed with her guidance. I've managed to heal more regarding food and exercise, sleep better and let go of things that aren't my issues to shoulder. Best of all - no anxiety attacks for 8 months now. Its such a relief to realise that what I feel now is in the spectrum of "normal" nerves!

- Carissa (Mindset Coaching)

Best decision I ever made in my life! One- on one training with Julia! She is amazing and so knowledgeable! With her friendly nature and quietly commanding voice... she takes u to heights u never ever thought u can achieve. Her nutritional advice is so valuable, with her numerous tips on being mindful about emotional eating, I've come a long way! I've been with her since December and the results are amazing for someone who loved to eat chocolates and sweets and could not ever get motivated to exercise! Julia is always mindful of my bilateral knee surgery and is rapidly helping me to get back to normal and hell yeah! It feels so good! Thank you Julia! 

-Deborah (Personal Training and Nutrition)

It initially took me a while to overcome some mental blocks and hurdles in embracing the therapy offered by Julia. However, the more sessions we had and the more I took onboard the learnings and tasks, the better I started to feel day to day. I think what is offered is of great value to anyone, whether they are suffering or not. In this day and age we rarely have time or the awareness to nurture our minds, and this program is beneficial in improving our awareness of our thoughts, emotions and motivations.

- Alessandro

I've been training with Julia for almost a year, and she has made a big impact on my mindset towards a healthy lifestyle. She takes an interest in what you do inside the gym, as well as outside of the gym to make sure you get the results you want. Always a pleasure to interact with with a positive attitude and a genuine interest to see you progress and succeed. If you're looking for a personal trainer that treats you like a person, not just a client, she is the one to see. Thanks Jules you're the best!!

-Damien (Personal Training and Nutrition)

Julia is like someone who comes with a broom and brushes off all the cobwebs and organises all the shelves for you. There’s more behind it than it seems at the time, I’m proud of myself that I went through it.

- Claudia (Mindset Coaching)

My experience has been only positive. I am so happy that Jade referred me and that I took the risk and invested in this program. It was an incredible and uplifting experience. When I first started I thought my heart would never see the light again and though now I still struggle I have realised that is okay and try not to judge myself so harshly. I will continue to practice all the techniques you have taught though the meditation has taken a back seat, I have found other ways to centre myself. 

- Rae (Mindset Coaching)