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Our favourite health products

Cort RX

AUD $69.95

  • Great stress relief

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Lower cortisol

  • Balance adrenals

  • Improved recovery

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Healthy insulin sensitivity

Improve your stress and anxiety response with a herbal adaptogen for balanced emotional state. 


AUD $49.95

  • Natural multivitamin for optimal functioning

  • Energy production cycle in every cell of the body – the Kreb cycle

  • The proper function and production of hormones

  • The production of neurotransmitters

  • A properly functioning immune system.

  • Digestive and systemic enzymes

Vitamins sourced from food for optimal nutritional balance. ​

ZMST - zinc, magnesium, selenium, taurine

AUD 29.95

  • Baseline mineral supplement for improved immunity and muscle relaxation. 

  • Important for anyone actively training or compromised immunity

  • Zinc for strong immunity, stronger digestion (HCl production), nutrient metabolism

  • Magnesium for muscle relaxation, nerve function, improved energy 

  • Selenium is antioxidant for oxidative stress. As well as for well functioning thyroid, better insulin response (glucose metabolism) and strong immunity

  • Taurine for improved energy during high energy demands.