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"My mission is to change how we treat depression and anxiety, reduce medicating mentality and inflammation and contribute to making Earth a harmonious place "

Julia Grintsina
The Wisdom Spreader


Thank you for reading my story. 

My path in health started from the young age of 16 when I became interested in psychology and nutrition. Trialling different diets often reflected on my mental and reproductive health and messed with my emotional satisfaction in life. Never TRULY happy with the present moment, always comparing and judging myself I ended up with amenorrhoea that sent me on a   l o n g   journey of self healing. 


Getting into strength training really helped me to improve my mentality and physical body, yet I still didn't feel at ease. In fact, I became obsessed using training and nutrition for suppression of deeper issues. 

For years there was a battle with anxiety, self-image and self-worth. There was a lot of anger, sadness, fear and even depression surrounding my lowest moments. It's easy to say this now, because looking back I can admit I didn't see it then. I never realised how anxious and stressed I was until it changed. That's the thing - it can be hard to notice it in the moment because e-motion, the energy in motion sucks us in like a hurricane. 

Finding my balance started with my first yoga class. Then slowly getting back to my meditation practice. But nothing was as profound as some of the hypnotherapy sessions I've done to heal from the past. 

This inspired me to study hypnosis and NLP. As well as dive deeper into Zen buddhism and Tao. 


Becoming a Hypnotherapist has truly opened my mind! I've learnt to let go of all the social and environmental conditioning I accumulated in my life time. I have become a master of manifesting in my life, of creating the reality I want. I have also learnt to own up my shadows that are an inevitable part me. 

Now I have dedicated my whole life to Evolving myself as well as bring others along with me. 

This is a fun journey. I encourage you to reach out for a free Discovery Call to learn what this is all about. 

If you haven't yet make sure to subscribe to my emails and stay in touch about upcoming group events. 

I look forward to guiding you along this beautiful journey of self-discovery! 

My Qualifications: 

- Hypnotherapy (Evolve Coaching)

- Master NLP & TLT Practitioner (Evolve Coaching)

- Yoga Instructor 200 (All Yoga Thailand)

- Personal Trainer (Fit College)

- Student Naturopath (Bsch Health Sciences, Endeavour College)