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Hypnotherapy coaching to achieve your best health. 

At Reveal Coaching we reveal your solutions to present problems. We guide you to become empowered and successful. 


De-hypnotise yourself from limiting beliefs accumulated from life-time conditioning. 

Julia helps high achievers to reach new levels of success in health with a ripple effect on life using unique hypnotherapy coaching method. 

Take your power back by taking action now. 

Hello there!

I am so glad you stopped by 

Everything happens for a reason. And this reason is your unconscious mind.


Just the fact that you landed on this page is no co-incidence. Deep in your unconscious, I believe, you are looking for opportunities for change, for ways to heal from the past perhaps, or ways to achieve motivation and confidence that will allow you achieve success in health and a sexy, lean body. 

You are in the right place. This is exactly what I do.

I help you by revealing solutions already within you to your current challenges. We uncover your beliefs that keep you stuck from achieving success and create a strategy that will give all the right tools to becoming who you want to be, to having what you want to have, to do what you've always dreamt of doing....

This is an invitation to you to release the heavy baggage of the past and step into your greatness.

Maybe you are sick of feeling anxious and hiding away. That feeling in the pit of the stomach that stops you from taking action, and limits opportunities and happiness in your life. 

Maybe you are exhausted from carrying the extra weight, having tried all the different approaches that are either too restrictive, too extreme, too difficult or just not sustainable long term. Maybe you are wondering if it is even possible to change? 

Maybe you are wanting to take a next step in life but feeling scared of failure, unsure if this is the right thing for you. You might be curious of success, curious to discover your potential that feels currently dormant, finding purpose and meaning to this life. 

Well I would LOVE TO work with you to create a solution to these!

My name is Julia Grintsina and I'm a hypnotherapist, a health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor and a speaker. And I enjoy working with people who are ready to take back responsibility for their reality. 

Do you experience life fully, or just follow the daily grind? 

Everyone deserves a great, happy, successful and healthy life! And you are one step closer to bringing together the missing pieces. 

I truly believe that the only time that exists is now. How can we know what will happen tomorrow? How can we be sure of next month or next year? The only time the change can occur is in the moment. When we choose to own our reality, to heal from our experiences and to start creating the future we desire CONSCIOUSLY & UNCONSCIOUSLY! 

What you have today is a reflection of yesterday. What you feel and do today is a projection of your tomorrow. 

Your first step to creating the life you desire

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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become" 

Carl Jung


"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek"
Joseph Campbell

Providing a light when everything felt like darkness! reveal coaching gave me the strength and encouragement needed to address parts of my self and my life I needed to change in order to regain my confidence, Julia's approach was personal and archivable with the upmost professionalism and is constantly providing support and inspiration. Best step forward I have ever taken for myself was engaging with Reveal coaching

-Em (Mindset Coaching)

I've been doing mindset coaching with Julia for some time now and I have to say it's amazing.

The coaching with Julia has helped me so much with working through a lot of emotional issues that I did not deal with over the past number of years. It has also helped me to see past events in my life in a different way which has helped me to shed and let go of a lot of bad energy and given me a greater understanding of why I do the things I do. 
So I highly recommend talking to Julia Grintsina. 
Also the sessions are totally judgement free. Julia is here to help only.
Once again thank you so much Jules.

- Brian (Mindset Coaching)

Jules helped me with a lot of issues I was having in different areas of my life...
Even things that were affecting me negatively without even realising it. With Jules’ insight and coaching I have now made positive changes and feel really good about it. 
I really appreciate everything you’ve helped me with Jules... thank you

-Rae (Mindset Coaching)